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Miguel Joey Featured @ The Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Tampa Bay Times and Telemundo

This article was written by Danielle Paquette and it was originally published in the Washington Post on March 7, 2018. Here are my favorites quotes.

"In a ballroom with antlers on the wall and hoof prints on the carpet, diversity coach Miguel Joey Aviles asked whether anyone knew how to merengue. “Lord have mercy,” he said, counting hands. “Only two?”

This is “Hispanics 101,” a class meant to teach employers in the Ozarks resort town of 11,400 how to lure workers from Puerto Rico and persuade them to stay.

Back at Big Cedar Lodge, Aviles, who grew up in San Sebastián, Puerto Rico, ended his four-hour session of “Hispanics 101” by urging Branson employers to stay champions of Puerto Rican workers long after their first day on the job.

“The worst thing I’ve seen is halfhearted efforts,” Aviles told the room. “If we go halfway, it never works out.”

According to his polling, Hispanics, like any people, have a wide variety of interests and views — but they tend to prioritize what folks in Branson also cherish: “faith, family, education and self-improvement,” he said.

Andrea Martinez-Marstall, a manager at nearby country club, nodded along and watched the faces around her.

“You see people’s eyes light up for the first time,” said the California native with Mexican roots. “People aren’t just listening. They’re embracing. Accepting.”

WHAT I DIDN'T SAY - Miguel Joey Aviles, who teaches a class in Hispanic culture in Branson, Mo., tells employers to ask stores to sell plantains and Goya coconut water.

Check out the entire article:

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