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Miguel Joey Aviles Becomes President of Young Government Leaders

WASHINGTON – On October 1st, 2015, Miguel Aviles will be confirmed as the next President of the Young Government Leaders (YGL), a 501 (c)(3)non-profit professional organization founded by, and led by, young government leaders. Aviles will lead a membership of over 20 chapters and 8,000 emerging leaders from across the nation.

“I’m honored and excited to lead such an amazing orga nization. It has always been my passion to recruit, develop, and bring future government leaders together. We must bring in and retain young, smart, diverse, and passionate people in government and help mold them into the government leaders of tomorrow. Young Government Leaders is in a great position to meet these critical challenges.”

Aviles assumes this role after spending 2 years as YGL’s Chief Learning Officer. Aviles founded YGL University, a novel initiative that empowered emerging leaders to thrive in dynamic environments through knowledge sharing, learning & development events and mentoring. During the last year YGL U successfully executed the Senior Executive Association and YGL Mentoring Program, launched a cloud-based Learning Management System and provided multiple developmental forums on resume writing, resilience, and Executive Core Qualifications.

“When we can connect, train, and create a workplace to foster the leaders of tomorrow, it creates a more responsive, transparent, and responsible government at the state, local, and federal level. YGL is committed to providing authentic voice for our generation of aspiring government leaders. We provide a community and infrastructure that will educate and inspire current and future public service leaders to create positive change within the government.”

Aviles takes over for Virginia Hill, who served as President of YGL since July 2013. Under Hill’s leadership, YGL grew its membership by 5,000 and quadrupled its budget. Hill focused her term on establishing YGL as an authentic voice for young feds. She met with the OPM Director and top government officials on recruiting Millennials to government. One of Hill’s favorite moments was delivering a keynote speech at the second annual Employee Resource Group Summit in 2015 where she spoke about employee empowerment.

Aviles stated, “YGL is in such a great position to help tomorrow’s public service leaders because of the passionate and dedication of volunteers, past and present. I look forward to working with a talented group of change makers and doers.”

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